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Vacationers/ Spring Break

“Will I have to go to court?”

Nothing ruins a good time faster than an arrest or a notice to appear in court.  Quite often “good clean fun” turns into a nightmare for visitors to Panama City.   Often it is our Spring Breakers or vacationers who find themselves caught up in the Panama City criminal system.

A major area of Tom Hutton’s criminal defense practice concentrates on defending people arrested or given court dates while simply visiting Panama City from out of town or out of state.

What can Tom do to help?

  1. Depending upon the circumstances of the arrest, Tom can almost always prevent you from having to return to Panama City for your court date. Or, if your court date is set while you are still visiting Panama City he can go to court on your behalf so that you don’t have to.
  2. Tom can fight diligently to prevent you from being convicted of the crime for which you were charged. Tom knows that a criminal conviction is the last thing you want to take home with you from Panama City.
  3. Parents: if you’re miles away from Panama City and your child was arrested or given a court date then Tom will provide you with an initial phone consultation, free of charge and at your convenience.

What types of offenses does Tom handle for Spring Breakers and vacationers?

  1. Underage Possession of Alcohol
  2. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  3. Drug possession (marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine)
  4. Fighting (known as battery in Florida) and disorderly conduct
  5. Trespassing
  6. Resisting Arrest
  7. Public indecency
  8. Reckless driving (with or without alcohol)

Panama City underage possession of alcohol:

An arrest or notice to appear in court on an underage possession of alcohol charge can be a very serious matter.  Usually a person given a court date for this offense is either a student college or high school.  It is important at this young age not to jeopardize your future by being convicted of this crime.  Tom can help you with this type of offense.

Panama City drug possession:

Did you know that if you are convicted of simple possession of certain drugs that your driver’s license could be suspended?!  This, of course, is in addition to all of the other punishments associated with being convicted of possessing drugs. 

Tom can help you to fight this charge and can help prevent you from being convicted of possessing drugs in Panama City.

Panama City fighting, battery, or disorderly conduct:

Bar fights and beach fights are not uncommon in Panama City.  If you are arrested or given a court date for this offense you need to be aware of some very important information.

Did you know that being convicted of battery will make it easier for the other person to sue you in civil court for money damages?  Tom can help prevent you from being convicted of this offense.

Panama City trespassing and Panama City resisting arrest:

These two offenses often go hand in hand and are often the result of alcohol consumption.  It is a crime to be asked to leave an establishment and then to remain there.  Usually, police are called and any effort to resist police orders is met with additional charges. 

Tom can help you from being convicted of either of these offenses. 

Call our office right now! 850-215-3841

Tom Hutton is a criminal defense attorney who lives and works right in Panama City.  He knows the area well and he can help you with your out of town or out of state arrest or court date.

Tom is always willing to take the time to answer your questions about a Panama City criminal offense.  As a Panama City Criminal lawyer Tom knows how to fight the charges against you. Give him a call!

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