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Why you cannot ignore your Florida DUI arrest: The Interstate Driver License Compact (DLC) 

If you’re viewing this page it probably means that you or your child visited Florida for business or vacation and were arrested for DUI. (Parents, see the special message at the bottom of this page).

You are probably wondering whether you can ignore the Florida arrest and whether your home state will find out about it.  You may also wonder if your home state even cares about your Florida DUI arrest.

The following information should help you answer your Florida DUI questions.

45 States are now members of the Driver License Compact (DLC) and adhere to the rules established by the DLC.  Essentially, these 45 states agree that there is “ONE DRIVER, ONE LICENSE, ONE RECORD” and agree to treat an out of state DUI arrest like that of an in-state DUI arrest.

For example:

You came to Florida from Ohio (a DLC state) for Spring Break.  You and some friends were stopped on the Strip while cruising and you were subsequently arrested for DUI.

The state of Florida will forward this DUI arrest information to your home state and your home state will suspend your license until you are once again eligible to drive in Florida.

Make sense?

Now, this does NOT mean that all hope is lost for you and your driving privileges.  You can get your home state license back by gaining your Florida driving privileges back.

Another way to look at it is as follows:  Ohio (or whatever your home state is) won’t allow you to drive until Florida says it is ok for you to drive.  You cannot simply ignore the Florida DUI arrest! A suspended license in one state equals a suspended license in another.

This is the beauty (and agony) of the DLC.  So what do you do now?  You contact a qualified Florida DUI attorney to help you out of this mess.

Call The Law Office of Thomas M. Hutton and ask to speak directly to Tom Hutton.  He will guide you through the process of gaining your Florida driving privileges and he will help you fight the Florida DUI arrest.


Parents, was your child arrested for DUI in Panama City or another north Florida city?  Call The Law Office of Thomas M. Hutton for help.  He can answer your questions and represent the interests of your child in your absence.

If your child called you from the jail he or she could spend as many as 24 hours there before a judge determines if he or she can leave.  Unfortunately, if there was an accident and someone was hurt your child may have to spend substantially more time in jail if he or she cannot meet a bond amount set by the judge.

Tom Hutton will gladly appear at the jail to assist your child and will work with you to help ensure that the impact of your child’s DUI arrest is as minimal as possible. 

Panama City DUI attorney Tom Hutton will represent your child in front of the First Appearance judge and will argue for your child to be released as soon as possible.

Often, Tom Hutton can represent the interests of your child after he or she returns home without him or her having to later return to Florida to answer for the arrest.  Call him to find out how.

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